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Package 8: Deeper Into the Labyrinth Retreat

Are you a labyrinth facilitator seeking additional ways to use the labyrinth?

Are you a labyrinth enthusiast?

Are you simply curious about this beautiful path of peace, prayer and contemplation?

Are you seeking a powerful opportunity for self-discovery and self-mastery?

JOIN US on the DEEPER INTO THE LABYRINTH RETREAT with Eve Hogan, on the beautiful island of Maui!

Eve Eschner Hogan has been leading labyrinth walks for over 20 years. She has facilitated walks at world-class spas like Rancho La Puerta where she served for several years as the Labyrinth Specialty Week Guest Speaker,  at The Golden Door, Four Seasons Wailea Spa and the Grand Wailea. She has shared her labyrinth with entrepreneurs at CEO Space, teachers at the Montessori School Conference and was the speaker at the inaugural walk and blessing of Penn State Labyrinth. She has been leading a Full Moon Labyrinth walk monthly on Maui for over 18 years.

Eve is the author of several books including Way of the Winding Path: A Map for the Labyrinth of Life and she is the owner of The Sacred Garden on Maui which is the home of two walking labyrinths open to the public daily.

In addition to the traditional uses of the labyrinth of a metaphoric pilgrimage and contemplative path of peace, prayer and meditation, Eve extends the understanding of the labyrinth to see it as a blue print of us, as human beings. We all have a sacred center….surrounded by the chaos of the ego-mind. While the ego can be challenging to overcome, it can be re-interpreted, understood and integrated so that you experience the self-mastery of having your spirit be captain of your journey instead of the ego-mind.

Eve teaches Six Essential Life Skills for Self-Mastery and the labyrinth is the PERFECT experiential ground to practice them.

As a facilitator of labyrinths, this retreat will extend your knowledge about the historical and current uses of labyrinths, how to utilize them in a variety of situations and settings, and how to use them as a personal growth tool of self-discovery. Eve uses the labyrinth for enhancing self-esteem, transforming anger back into understanding and love, making peace with the past, practicing powerful relationship tools, exploring relationship dynamics, transcending the ego, and aligning with one’s spirit.

For the layperson, this retreat will introduce you to labyrinths as a rich and beautiful field of metaphor and self-discovery, reacquaint you with your spirit, share with you powerful skills for living authentically, assist you in making decisions aligned with who you are and what you want, gain powerful relationship skills and perspectives.

This is priced below as a retreat for an individual or couple, but this can be customized for a group if you have friends/family or a team you would like to bring.

Retreat Itinerary 

Day 1

Arrive on site and get settled.

Day 2

8:00-9:00 Walking Tour of the property

9-12:00 Orientation to the retreat and Exploring the Concept of Metaphor and the Labyrinth as a Blueprint of the 

12:00-2:00 Lunch, Labyrinth Walk in Awareness and Journal

2:00-5:00 • Insight to Self and Six Essential Life Skills and labyrinth walk practice

During this session we explore a deep understanding of the human spirit and the ego mind, and tools for accessing our authentic essence, inner wisdom and sense of self-esteem. It seems that sense self-esteem  diminishes over time such that by the time we are young adults many of us are essentially crippled by our negative self-talk, lack of confidence and the unconscious manipulative behaviors that ensue. This session will deepen your understanding and compassion for the human experience, provide a clear understanding of the ego’s misguided attempts to protect us and teach you how to turn your self-esteem around. This session will both deepen your understanding of yourself, and anyone else you are in relationship with. This will begin-or strengthen- the journey of self-love and authenticity, which is the first ingredient to a harmonious, sustainable relationship. The labyrinth is the perfect metaphor and practice ground for accessing your highest self—the one known to you as a child.


Day 3

Time for a labyrinth walk/Beach Walk/swim  (this is not a facilitated time but it can be if you prefer)

11:00-1:00 The Dance of Ego and Spirit in Relationships followed by labyrinth walk of Self-Observation, Discovery, Practice and Self-Mastery. This will be looked at both from the stand point of the practitioner who has to keep their own ego in check to do this powerful work and for the participant and how they can utilize the labyrinth for their own deeper understanding and recognition of their ego’s role in their experiences.

1:00-2 Lunch and free time

2:00-6:00 Creating Powerful Relationships
  and practice on the labyrinth. The EROS Equation—we are all either trying to get into one, get out of one, understand one, improve one or heal from one. Relationships often turn out to be ego battle ships instead of an authentic expression of love. In this session relationships dynamics will be explored along with an introduction to powerful and practical tools for transcending the ego, aligning your words, thoughts and actions with what you want to create. The information shared will deepen your insight into your own behavior and your partners, instill you with greater compassion and understanding, and offer powerful relationship skills for transforming your relationship-and your life-into one of true joy, love and satisfaction. In this session you will learn the powerful secrets of The Eros Equation and discover your power for creating healthy relationships with yourself and others. The labyrinth has an amazing way of revealing to us exactly what we do…and how we do it…and whether it is serving us or not. It then allows us a laboratory for experimenting with doing things differently to bring about different results.


Day 4

8:00-3:00 Tour the Kapalua Labyrinths

We will journey to the west side to walk the labyrinths in Kapalua—so different than the ones at The Sacred Garden. As one man shared, “As I stood in the center (of the Kapalua Labyrinth) and faced north, the wind was whipping around me and almost knocking me over. When I turned and faced south, the wind passed right by and I felt peaceful. It was then that I saw what you were teaching me…when I lead from my ego, I become unsteady and out of control. When I lead from my spirit, I experience peace…”

Picnic lunch (bring swimsuit), We may picnic in the Kapalua Forest which is a magical and stunning location. (Lunch is not included so we will either want to pack lunches or pick something up while out and about)

There is also a 7-circuit labyrinth on the west side that we will journey to as well as at least two others, if time permits.


Day 5

Free morning for labyrinth walk/ Beach Walk/swim or private sessions

10:30-12:30 • Creative Self-Discovery and Expression through Journal Writing
 Through a process of writing and drawing with the non-dominant hand, you will be guided to explore several different aspects of yourself and improving your access to your higher self where intuition, creativity, and understanding are sourced. This bypasses the ego mind and allows you to heal old wounds. Whether this leads you to healing the inner child and/or accessing your highest self and getting your inner wisdom in writing, this is a wonderful tool for self-exploration and development allowing you full integration of all of your being.

12:30-2:00 Lunch, free time, labyrinth walk

2:00-4:00 • Transforming Anger into Understanding
, Discovering the Beauty of Fear utilizing the labyrinth

Anger is a challenging part of life, and when lacking in understanding, can also be the downfall to love and happiness. This session will deepen your understanding of the emotions underlying anger, and how to transcend the ego to realign your words, thoughts and actions with the harmonious relationships that you are trying to create. While anger and fear plague us all, can destroy relationships or stop them from happening, You will learn how to reframe anger and fear, embrace them and learn to see them as the guideposts to what you treasure. We will walk through the stages of anger on the labyrinth and experience the freedom of transcending and reframing this powerful emotion.


Day 6

8:00-2:00pm • Pele Ceremony atop Haleakala

This session gets you out on the land into what many consider to be the Heart Chakra of the World. Haleakala stands 10,000 feet high in the midst of the Pacific Ocean offering unbeatable vistas and a haunting silence that stirs your soul. Pele, Hawaii’s Fire Goddess and the one responsible for the creation of the islands through her volcanic activity, is honored atop Haleakala, the house of the sun and a dormant volcano. Whether you opt to hike or simply meditate at the summit, you will leave this session with a deeper sense of connection to all that is. Opportunities range from beginner to advanced fitness. The Haleakala Crater is much akin to the center of the labyrinth….some circumnavigate it for years before they drop into the sacred silence of this magical place.

2:00-3:00 free time to relax or walk the labyrinth

3:00-5:00 Secrets of Co-Creation

We’ve all heard of “manifesting” but that conjures up the concept that we get to order Spirit around to follow our bidding. We have that a little backwards; our job is to learn to listen to Spirit’s bidding and follow the guidance. This unlocks the door to magical Co-creation. This session will reveal the steps.

6:00-7:30 Hawaiian Healing Massage Intuitive massage designed to release tension and emotions held in your body and leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed. Our practitioners utilize a variety of modalities to thoroughly meet your needs. This session will relax you, pamper you and guide you…


Day 7

8-10:30 Olinda Hike to Sacred Spring (a natural Labyrinth)

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-1:00 Making Peace with the Past
 In this session you will learn how to disempower events and empower your ability to respond to events. Once you have a complete understanding of how to do this, we will have you walk through a timeline of your life on the labyrinth discovering the blessings, lessons, gifts and value of the events of your life. You will also be empowered to boldly step into your future fully equipped to respond, rather than react, to the events of your life, declaring your life purpose and powerful intentions.

1:00-2:00 lunch

2:00-4:00 Breaking the Rules and Expanding the Boundaries (on the labyrinth)

We tend to get caught in patterns of being  that we aren’t even aware of…behaviors that don’t always serve us. In this session we use the labyrinth to experiment with breaking the rules, stretching our personalities and expanding our own boundaries. This is a fun and enlightening experience that allows us to consciously choose the rules we wish to live by. A great exploration.

4:00-5:30 Integration and Completion

Day 8 Depart renewed and ready to share the labyrinth, or use the labyrinth as part of your personal or professional practice!

This retreat prices at $5979.91(including tax) for seven nights of private accommodations and six days of private sessions with Eve Hogan. Eve’s 4 hour Soul-utions for Relationships DVD series is included for home study and follow up. Meals and transportation are not included. This is priced for up to two people although an additional massage would need to be added if you have two people. If you have more people, it is possible to do this as a group retreat as well. Contact us for pricing as pricing may actually go down with additional people.

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