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Relationship Retreats

Relationship Retreats on Maui

Relationships impact every aspect of our lives—whether we are trying to get into one, get out of one, heal from one or improve one. We offer powerful relationship skills and tools for individuals, couples, families, friends and work teams.

We offer Marriage and Relationship Retreats for Individuals and Couples:

  • Relationship Rejuvenation
  • Breaking the Patterns for Finding the Right Partner
  • Relationship Rescue
  • Relationship with Self (the foundation to all other relationships)
  • Relationship Healing and Closure
  • Honeymoon and Wedding/Vow Renewals



Relationship Focused Sessions

Below is a list of the sessions that specifically address relationships —with self and others.  Unless you are only having a la carte sessions, every retreat begins with the Orientation  and ends with the Integration. What you fill the middle with is entirely up to you. We highly recommend you add in some daily movement—an adventure in awareness hike, yoga or beach walk, and some pampering—heavenly facials or massages!

Orientation In this session you will be introduced to the retreat experience, explained the process of personal growth and change, guided to set your intentions and to begin the process of letting go of that which is no longer serving you. You will be introduced to the Five Essential Skills and practice them on a Labyrinth Walk for Self-Discovery and Self- Mastery.

Insight to Self During this session we explore a deep understanding of the human spirit and the ego mind, and tools for accessing our authentic essence, inner wisdom and sense of self-esteem. It seems that sense self-esteem  diminishes over time such that by the time we are young adults many of us are essentially crippled by our negative self-talk, lack of confidence and the unconscious manipulative behaviors that ensue. This session will deepen your understanding and compassion for the human experience, provide a clear understanding of the ego’s misguided attempts to protect us and teach you how to turn your self-esteem around. This session will both deepen your understanding of yourself, and anyone else you are in relationship with. This will begin-or strengthen- the journey of self-love and authenticity, which is the first ingredient to a harmonious, sustainable relationship.

Six Essential Life Skills
 Powerful skills that should be a part of everyone’s personal practice for accessing wisdom, making decisions and aligning our behavior with our goals. Whether applied to relationships, work or simply one’s personal well-being, mastering these essential skills allows you to master yourself.

Creating Powerful Relationships
 Relationships—we are all either trying to get into one, get out of one, understand one, improve one or heal from one. Relationships often turn out to be ego battle ships instead of an authentic expression of love. In this session relationships dynamics will be explored along with an introduction to powerful and practical tools for transcending the ego, aligning your words, thoughts and actions with what you want to create. The information shared will deepen your insight into your own behavior and your partners and instill you with greater compassion and understanding


Creating Powerful Relationships Part II
 —The EROS Equation A deepening of part one, offering additional powerful relationship skills for transforming your relationship-and your life-into one of true joy, love and satisfaction. In this session you will learn the powerful secrets of the Eros Equation and discover your power for creating healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Healing of the Deep Heart
 Through a guided journey inward, this intensive will help you to heal old wounds that have become obstacles for you. You will lovingly be guided to seeing that which you need to see and reframing the circumstances of your life in a powerful way. This session awakens the high awareness of the heart for healing, clear insight and spiritual guidance.

Sacred Loving /Sacred sexuality Sacred Loving coaching for couples (or individuals) provides clear and easy-to-do exercises to bring your love life to the next level of happiness beyond your expectations. Spending some time with an expert in the field of intimate relating will give you the insights and tools to take home and continue the journey toward the best sex ever, again and again.

Transforming Anger into Understanding Anger is a challenging part of every relationship, but when lacking in understanding, can also be its downfall. This session will deepen your understanding of the emotions underlying anger, and how to transcend the ego to realign your words, thoughts and actions with the harmonious relationships that you are trying to create.

Making Peace with the Past In this session you will learn how to disempower events and empower your ability to respond to events. Once you have a complete understanding of how to do this, we will have you walk through a timeline of your life discovering the blessings, lessons, gifts and value of the events of your life. You will also be empowered to boldly step into your future fully equipped to respond, rather than react, to the events of your life.

Integration In the integration session the practitioner will assist you in connecting the dots between all of your sessions to ensure you have a deep understanding of your experience, a practice, skills and tools for taking powerful and positive next steps on your journey through life. The process of change will be explained so that you deeply understand how to step back onto your chosen path when you have seemingly fallen (or been pushed) off. You will depart fully empowered to implement the experiences, insights and lessons from your retreat into your everyday life. The integration session is designed to assist you in pulling all the pieces of your retreat together and ensuring that you have a clear practice for maintaining your strength and balance when you get home.

Additional Options

Intuitive Guidance and Energy Clearing
 Receive direct guidance from your own guides and discover what it is you need to know. Our practitioner can access a council of guides, (hers and your own) and deliver their message to you to assist you in making sense of whatever is happening in your life and to make new choices if needed. Remove the veils between you and your guardians! Our practitioner follows the reading with energy work to clear any obstacles you may have that cause you to get stuck, assisting you in fully stepping forward on your own Heart Path with greater clarity and insight.

Relationship Skills for Singles You don’t have to be in a relationship to gain new skills and tools. In fact, transitional stages are the best time for learning, growing and breaking patterns that haven’t served you. Whether you a dating conventionally, dating online or not dating at all, we can guide you through the process of making better choices in relationships and understanding the dynamics of how they work.

Intellectual Foreplay Making the right choice in partners
We tend to pick our partners by looks good and feels good without taking the time to find out if they are good. We even ask more questions about a car or a house than we do about a partner or potential partner. This session will guide you through the art of values clarification, identifying your non-negotiables and learning how to ask the critical questions in the realm of love.

How to Love Your Marriage (or Relationship)
 While finding a spouse is one thing, keeping one is another. This session will share tools, a perspective, exercises and skills for giving your marriage the love and joy it deserves to ensure it is strong and able to thrive.

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