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One Day to Moontime Management Retreat

Women’s “MoonTime” or menstrual cycles can be a challenge … and we have found that there are things you can do to support this part of your femininity making it an easier, more manageable aspect of your life.

Through yoga, nutrition, cycle tracking and loving guidance, this One Day to Moontime Management Retreat will soothe your cycles!

Nicoleyogabeach9:00-Noon Moontime Yoga (TM)  with Chrissy

Moontime YogaTM is a practice for women in all stages and phases of reproduction from the Maiden and the Mother to the Wild Woman and the Crone. It is an invitation to practice yoga in a soft feminine way that honors your body as a temple for the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  This practice is designed as a journey inside connecting to the wisdom and love of the feminine heart and womb.  Instruction for several major acupressure points to help relieve imbalances associated with menstruation is also included along with essential oil therapy.

noon-1:00 Lunch and Time to walk the labyrinth

5mandalacenter1:00-2:00 Essential Oils and Aromatherapy — Uplift and Balance Mind & Body! This session is a wonderful primer for anyone waiting to integrate oils into their everyday life.  Aromatherapy uses absolutely PURE  plant based essential oils to treat physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. We will explore 12 oils in depth, from their origins to their everyday uses for regenerating, releasing, relaxing and rejuvenating. This can be both a treatment-based and education-based session, teaching you to utilize essential oils at home for their on-going and long lasting effects in your life. Your practitioner will customize the theme to meet any specific needs, such as oils for Immune and Respiratory & Emotional support, oils for Musculoskeletal Pain, oils for Grounding, or any theme requested. Client will leave with an informative aromatherapy book, essential oil samples, a customized roll on & a spritzer for immediate use specifically created to support your needs.

2:00-4:00 Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation —Take an honest inventory of your diet and ways of daily living that create your overall health and well-being.  Learn effective strategies for transitioning away from pain and suffering while moving toward joy, ease, and lasting change in how you eat, sleep and manage stress in your life.

This retreat prices at $865 plus tax, a light lunch is included.

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