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Package 1: One Day to Yay Retreats!

What a Difference A Day Makes!

What if you could transform yourself in just one day?

What if you could get clarity on the biggest challenges in your life? 

What if, in just one day, you could shift your perspective into one that supports you in being who you are truly meant to be?

What if you could create a more loving, supportive, joyful relationship…in just one day?

One Day to Change, One Day to Happier, One Day to Greater Clarity, One Day to Love

We call these mini retreats “One day to Yay!” You pick the day and topic, we do the rest!

And yes, one day can make a huge difference. Often we are simply stuck. Like the needle on an record album stuck in a scratch that causes us to play the same mistakes over and over again. A one day retreat offers the gentle, loving push forward that allows you to play your beautiful music of life and love again! Happiness, Clarity, Inspiration, Devotion, Health are the natural consequences of a One Day to Yay Retreat!

Here are some One Day Mini Retreat Options:

One Day to Transformation

Only have one day to spare and want amazing and immediate results? This is the retreat for you! Simple and to the point, we will guide you to understand your inner workings, show how to break through patterns, provide you with a powerful skill set, assist you in releasing any energetic obstacles and offer you intuitive guidance….allowing you to hear the voice of your own soul’s guidance!

As a result of the retreat you will be empowered to live life with greater clarity, make better decisions, break painful patterns and create healthier relationships–with Self and Others. This Mini-Retreat, One Day to Transformation, is a quickie reboot to nudge you into fully living with greater self-mastery, happiness, love, clarity and purpose!

One Day to a Healthier Relationship

Yes, just one day can completely turn your relationship around. The challenge is that we were never taught relationship skills….so there is no time like now to understand the hidden energetic relationship dynamics, learn to master them (and yourselves) and turn this relation-ship around!

Eve will personally guide you through Insight to Self, Six Essential Life Skills, The Ego Dance and The EROS Equation. These skills and understandings are foundational to creating healthy relationships. One Day to a Healthier Relationship is in your grasp….whether that relationship is with a sweetheart, family member, coworkers…or yourself!

One Day to Spiritual Awakening

One day is enough to wake up your Spirit and put it back in charge of running your life!

Most of us are like hampsters on a wheel running along doing our daily tasks with no deeper understanding of who we are, why we are here or what our life purpose is. We lack a spiritual practice that reaches beyond one hour on Sunday or an hour in the morning. We long for an awakening that allows us a direct conduit to the voice of the Divine.

This one day Spiritual Awakening retreat will set you on your path, provide a practice to keep you moving forward.

One Day to Wellness

Sometimes all you need is equal parts insight, information and awareness to create a different lifestyle. With this mini, one day retreat we offer all three.

This mini One Day to Wellness retreat will combine the nutritional wisdom, a yoga or qigong practice and a loving dose of self care with a morning session of movement, lifestyle coaching, and a Hawaiian healing massage. You will depart retreat renewed, inspired, educated and geared up to make lasting changes.

One Day to Emotional Freedom

When the past is bogging you down, it is like trying to drive constantly looking into the rear view mirror and slamming on the breaks over what is appearing behind you.

This One Day to Emotional Freedom retreat will get you moving forward again! Whether it is grief, trauma or simply life drama, we will assist you in clearing the emotions that are draining your energy.  We will help you discover the emergence in the emergency.

One Day to Self Love

Most of us suffer from low self-esteem or a lack of truly knowing who we are, what we are here for and what we have to offer the world. This impacts every aspect of our lives, from our happiness, to our work and personal relationships and our physical wellness. This One Day to Self Love retreat will provide Insight to Self and move you forward on the tremendous benefits of knowing, loving and honoring yourself. This is the foundation to loving others and receiving love from others.

One Day to Clarity

Life is full of transitions and changes….i

Whether you seek greater clarity about career options, next steps after divorce, relationship decisions, regrouping after a pitfall or a successful completion, we can provide new perspectives, tools and emotional freedom for taking your next steps with confidence.

One Day Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder!

So many of us are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder. We spend all of our time plugged in …to the telephone, computer, radio or TV. The majority of our time is spent indoors and the time we spend outdoors is either in a car, or doing chores.

We are certain that this mini retreat will (at least temporarily) Cure Your Nature Deficit Disorder, recharge your batteries and reconnect you with your OWN Divine Nature!

Leave your cell phone at home….and immerse yourself in beauty!

One Day to “Moon” Cycle Management

Women’s “MoonTime” or menstrual cycles can be a challenge … and we have found that there are things you can do to support this part of your femininity making it an easier, more manageable aspect of your life.

Through yoga, nutrition, cycle tracking and loving guidance, this One Day to Moontime Management Retreat will soothe your cycles!

Build Your Own One Day Retreat!

What do you do when you only have one day and you want “a little of this and a little of that”?

You can have it all! The Build Your Own One Day Retreat offers that option!

Just pick your topics, let us know, and so it is!

The possibilities are limitless…and so are YOU!

One Day Sacred Sites Retreat

This is a special experience……join our Hawaiian Practitioner for a tour of some of Maui’s “Off the Beaten Path” magical and historical places… and discover the magic of some of the places that are in full view. Unless you know the history and story of the place, you will just think you are visiting a “pretty spot.” Once you know, these sites will never be the same.

Your guide will both educate you and entertain you with her stories and knowledge on this one day Sacred Sites Retreat

Click Here for a One Day Retreat Itinerary on Kauai!

All of our one-day retreats are private, one on one sessions (unless you bring a partner, friend, family or group with you).

Please note that while lots can happen in one day…..for some situations, several days offer deeper support! We have longer retreat options available if you are able to work a longer retreat into your life.

Our retreats are not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment. They are educational in nature. If you are suffering from mental illness or are suicidal, please find a support system closer to home that offers on-going support.

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