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Package 12: Weekend Relationship Retreat on Maui

Weekend Maui Relationship Retreat! (or any two days you want to come!)

Since many of our couples  can only spare a weekend for their retreat, we have an intensive version to help you. This is a foundational retreat that will provide great results as is, or can be used as a building block to add additional sessions.

Friday Night: Arrive and get Settled

10-noon Orientation, and Six Essential Life Skills

In this session you will be introduced to the retreat experience, explained the process of personal growth and change, guided to set your intentions and to begin the process of letting go of that which is no longer serving you. You will be introduced to the Six Essential Skills and practice them on a Labyrinth Walk for Self-Discovery and Self- Mastery.


Lunch on your own and Time to Walk the Labyrinth

1:30-5:30 Insight into Self and Creating Healthy Relationship Part I

During this session we explore a deep understanding of the human spirit and the ego mind, and tools for accessing our authentic essence, inner wisdom and sense of self-esteem. It seems that sense self-esteem diminishes over time such that by the time we are young adults many of us are essentially crippled by our negative self-talk, lack of confidence and the unconscious manipulative behaviors that ensue. This session will deepen your understanding and compassion for the human experience, provide a clear understanding of the ego’s misguided attempts to protect us and teach you how to turn your self-esteem around. This session will both deepen your understanding of yourself, and anyone else you are in relationship with. This will begin-or strengthen- the journey of self-love and authenticity, which is the first ingredient to a harmonious, sustainable relationship. Relationships—we are all either trying to get into one, get out of one, understand one, improve one or heal from one. Relationships often turn out to be ego battle ships instead of an authentic expression of love. In this session relationships dynamics will be explored along with an introduction to powerful and practical tools for transcending the ego, aligning your words, thoughts and actions with what you want to create. The information shared will deepen your insight into your own behavior and your partners and instill you with greater compassion and understanding. In this session you will learn the powerful secrets of the Eros Equation and discover your power for creating healthy relationships with yourself and others.


10-noon Creating Healthy Relationships Part  11: The EROS Equation


2-4:00 Transforming Anger into Understanding
, Discovering the Beauty of Fear and Making Peace with the Past
 Anger is a challenging part of every relationship, but when lacking in understanding, can also be its downfall. This session will deepen your understanding of the emotions underlying anger, and how to transcend the ego to realign your words, thoughts and actions with the harmonious relationships that you are trying to create. While anger and fear plague us all, can destroy relationships or stop them from happening, You will learn how to reframe anger and fear, embrace them and learn to see them as the guideposts to what you treasure. In this session you will learn how to disempower events and empower your ability to respond to events. Once you have a complete understanding of how to do this, we will have you walk through a timeline of your life discovering the blessings, lessons, gifts and value of the events of your life. You will also be empowered to boldly step into your future fully equipped to respond, rather than react, to the events of your life.

4-5:30 Integration

In the integration session the practitioner will assist you in connecting the dots between all of your sessions to ensure you have a deep understanding of your experience, a practice, skills and tools for taking powerful and positive next steps on your journey through life. The process of change will be explained so that you deeply understand how to step back onto your chosen path when you have seemingly fallen (or been pushed) off. You will depart fully empowered to implement the experiences, insights and lessons from your retreat into your everyday life. The integration session is designed to assist you in pulling all the pieces of your retreat together and ensuring that you have a clear practice for maintaining your strength and balance when you get home.
Depart that evening or the next day well equipped to transform your relationship!


This is a really great starting package and, if this is all your time and budget allow, will set you firmly on the path to creating a healthier relationship—whether you choose to stay together or not.

The above retreat is priced at $1425.+ tax = $1484.36 Accommodations range from $175-375 a night. Bringing the retreat investment to $1874.59 for two, including accommodations. Please note that the accommodations have a full kitchen so you can prepare your own meals, however, if you would like them delivered, that is possible. Transportation is not included. (We do not charge extra for the extra person so this is a per couple rate, not per individual.)

Here are some other highly recommended sessions (When evaluating your budget, keep in mind that most hour and half sessions are $175 on the average and 2 hours are $250):

• Empowerment Tools and Intuitive Reading 
A little guidance from the angels is always appreciated! Come to this session equipped with 10 handwritten questions of which you would like an intuitive exploration. You will receive an intuitive reading, answering any questions that you may have about your life, followed by offering empowerment tools and healing techniques to add to your personal tool belt and be well prepared for your next steps.

• Heart Path Meditation 
Meditation is not a way of making the mind quiet, it is a way of entering the quiet that is already there. In this session, you will learn, easy to understand techniques that assist you in accessing your inner wisdom, intuition, and creativity. This ability allows you to make better choices, access peace and strength even in the midst of chaos, and align with your authenticity.

• Hawaiian Healing Massage 
Intuitive massage designed to release tension and emotions held in your body and leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed. This session will relax you, pamper you and guide you…(These can be offered one at a time, one after the other for each of you or with two practitioners at the same time.)


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