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FAQs and Helpful Info

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Information

What is your philosophy? Will it conflict with my religious beliefs? Is this airy fairy?

If I had to distill our philosophy into a few brief sentences I would borrow a concept from Einstein: “You can’t solve problems from the same kind of thinking that created them.” It is my experience that we get stuck in thinking from the ego mind (good/bad, right/wrong, one way, my way, judgmental, fearful, victim thinking) and when we look at our life and our problems through that “belief window,” everything looks that way. Our beliefs fuel our behavior, which creates our outcomes. When we are empowered to shatter that belief window, access the wisdom of the soul and look for, seek and CREATE other possibilities, we take responsibility for our lives and everything can change. When you come on a retreat (or even one session, read Eve’s book, watch our videos and attain some self-mastery) you learn how to think differently, how to see things differently and how to do things differently. You become powerful (and consequently, purpose driven, joyful and free of emotional baggage.) None of our work is “religious” but all of it is definitely “spiritual.” You will find that a deepened spiritual mindset will support you in your chosen religious path, if you have one.

One of the things I am insistent about with the practitioners is that we all explain to your left brain—your logical, analytical side—what we are doing and why. I also ask the practitioners to be sure that what they share is practical, grounded, immediately applicable, skills based and result driven. Simultaneously, we surrender to the magical, mystical unseen love and support available to us upon the asking. This “mystery” is the juice of life. Jung said he never saw a problem that didn’t have a spiritual solution. At Heart Path Journeys we call them Soul-utions.

If you want to research our philosophy’s more, check out our videos and Eve’s Real Love blog with Spirituality and Health Magazine. Or, feel free to call and have a conversation! 808-243-(PATH) 7284

How much does a retreat cost and what is included?

The budget is truly up to you. It can range from $195 for an a la carte session and upwards depending on how intensive you want your retreat to be. However, on the average our retreats run $525–675 per day inclusive of accommodations. (This would be 2 sessions per day and accommodations) We have made an effort to put the pricing on the same page as the sample itineraries but please keep in mind, every retreat is customizable to your budget. If you let us know what your range is, we will alter the itinerary to accommodate you. In the event that a full retreat is not affordable for you, we do offer other ways for you to gain insight, new perspectives, new tools and critical life skills. For $99 we have a Virtual Retreat—a 4-hour video series called Soul-utions for Relationships that comes with a copy of Eve’s most recent book, The EROS Equation. These are great for home study, preparation for a retreat or follow up afterwards. We also offer a la carte skype or phone sessions, or ongoing coaching. (The price ranges depending on your needs, so inquire and we will give you accurate pricing.) Eve also has other books: Intellectual Foreplay, Virtual Foreplay, How to Love Your Marriage, Way of the Winding Path and a novel, Rings of Truth ranging in price from $14-18. She also has the Real Love blog with Spirituality and Health Magazine.

Where can I find Reviews of Heart Path Journeys?

Google has several of our Heart Path Journeys reviews available for you.

Are the sessions private?

Yes. These sessions are private, one on one or, if you are a couple, two of you to one practitioner.

Do I have to stay on site?

No, you are welcome to stay elsewhere and commute to our property.

Are the accommodations shared or private?

If you are on a private retreat, the accommodations are private and fully self-contained: private entrance, private room/bathroom and kitchen.

If you are on a group retreat, you will be sharing a house, but you will have your own room. It will only be shared if you bring a friend to share it with. The bathrooms are shared.

Can I stay on the property without participating in a retreat?

Yes. We offer accommodations as vacation rentals as well. Permit SMTP# 2015/0001

Is food included?

Food is not included unless you have requested the juice cleanse or the Kitchari Cleanse options. If you want food catered, let us know and we will make arrangements at an additional cost. There is a kitchen or kitchenette in your accommodations and great restaurants within 5 minutes. Learn more here.

Do you have Wifi and Cell reception?

Yes to both. Cell reception depends on your carrier, but in general cell phones work on our property. Wifi is in every unit as well as in The Sacred Garden.

Which airport do I fly into?

The Kahului Airport (code OGG) is just 15-20 minutes away.

Where is Heart Path Journeys located?

We are located in the outskirts of Makawao just two miles below the town of Makawao. This is considered “upcountry” Maui and it is conveniently located to shops, restaurants, hiking spots, and activities. You will feel like you are “away from it all” but “it all” is easily accessible if you want it. 470 Kaluanui Rd, Makawao, HI 96768

Do I need a rental car?

A rental car makes getting around on Maui a lot easier. However, if a car is not an option for you, let us know and we’ll help you arrange transportation. We have a driver we can arrange for you and Uber operates on Maui. If you are planning to come during high season or holidays, be sure to check not only on flights but also car rentals. These can get quite expensive during the holidays, as can accommodations and air fare.

What is the weather like?

The weather is lovely somewhere on Maui pretty much all year round, however, the winter months are certainly rainier and cooler. It is about 10 degrees cooler than sea level at our property as we are located at about 1100 feet in elevation so it is usually in the 70’s or 80’s in the day, and the 60’s at night (perfect sleeping temps!).

When is the least busy or least expensive time to come to Maui?

April, May and early June, Sept, Oct, November and early December are usually the least busy times to come to Maui. High season is the last two weeks of December through March, and again June through August.

Can I pick and choose sessions or substitute one session for another?

Absolutely, everything is completely customizable. Some sessions may change the price slightly or require more or less time.

Can you help me arrange other activities within my itinerary?

Yes, just let us know what types of activities you are interested in and we will do our best to arrange it for you and make sure it works with the rest of your schedule. We can also make recommendations and you can book your own activities with our  affiliate site where you can get discounts on Hawaii Activities:  

Can I add free days into my itinerary?

Yes, absolutely! Just let us know what you prefer and we will make it so!

Are retreats appropriate for anyone?

These retreats are educational in nature and are not a replacement for medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. These retreats are designed to deepen your experience on Maui, and add meaning to your life. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists, nor doctors. We are educators, coaches, body workers, spiritual practitioners and certified experts in our fields. If you are experiencing neurological issues, addictions, eating disorders, have a diagnosis of a mental disorder or are suicidal, you would be better served by specialists in your community who can provide longer term care and continued maintenance. Please inform us of any extenuating circumstances so that we can best be sure your needs are met. There have been occasions when we discouraged a guest from coming on retreat because we felt their circumstances would be better handled in a different setting.

Do you offer addiction rehab?

No, it is necessary that you are fully clean and sober prior to coming on retreat. With that said, this work can support your sobriety and journey of personal self-mastery.

Do you offer Ayahuasca ceremonies or have a policy on alcohol or other substances?

Please note that we do not encourage nor offer ANY substances (like ayahuasca) in our retreats or mystery school. While many have reported interesting and insightful experiences from these practices, our team are firm believers that you need NO substances to experience the Divine…and that peace, harmony and insight are your natural birthrights. We have also found that alcohol, marijuana and other substances numb you from your feelings and you need to “feel to heal.” With that said, we are not going to “police” you as you are an adult and make your own choices. However, if substances are an obvious interference to a session, we reserve the right to cancel the session without refund. If you join us on a journey, we strongly encourage you to leave your substances behind.

What do I do between sessions?

While not in session, we invite you to explore a myriad ways to continue the retreat process on your own:

  • Write—journal your thoughts and experiences. Whether exploring your own thought processes and feelings, writing poetry, recording family or personal memoirs, creative writing—all are excellent tools for self-exploration and expression.
  • Read—we have lots of books on self-help and spirituality available.
  • Art—draw, paint, embroider, collage—express yourself. Some materials are available here, others you may want to bring. Feel free to inquire prior to coming.
  • Sing, Listen to Music, Play Music—express yourself! Music touches the soul! There are great musicians on Maui if you’d like to listen to live music, we can guide you.
  • Walk the Labyrinths‑ The labyrinth is a rich field of metaphor for self-discovery and exploration.
  • Meditate–There are meditation spaces both public and private for your use.
  • Exercise–take a walk, practice yoga, dance, go for a swim or take a hike.
  • Volunteer— The Sacred Garden and farm have all kinds of opportunities for service!
  • Relax! Relaxation, simply doing nothing, can be such a change of pace for many of us that it is something we have to actually practice doing! There is no better time for lying in a hammock, taking a nap, or simply listening to the sounds of nature.
  • Or Explore this beautiful island….
What do I Bring?

“Upcountry Maui” is generally 1000 feet in elevation and above and thus is about 10 degrees cooler than sea level. Our temperatures range from the 60’s at night to the 80’s in the day most of the year…with an occasional dip into the 50’s in winter. Consequently, you will always want layers of clothing. A sweatshirt should be sufficient for warmth unless you plan to go up Haleakala. The mountain is 10,000 feet in elevation and is COLD…especially for sunrise, so if you plan a Haleakala adventure, or a Pele Ceremony, be sure to bring a jacket and good close-toed, walking shoes.

  • Shorts
  • Jeans/long pants
  • Walking Shoes (for hikes/walks)
  • Sandals
  • T-shirts/tank tops
  • Aloha wear (sun clothes….)
  • Sweatshirt and sweat pants
  • Jacket if going up Haleakala
  • Underclothing
  • Pajamas
  • Bathroom Supplies
  • Any medications you may need.
  • Fins/mask (if you have them— if not,you can get these here, we may be able to provide or you can rent….)
  • Hat (if you need or wear them)
  • Sun screen
  • Sun Glasses, reading glasses
  • Reading Materials—books and magazines are available to read win a library in the garden. But you may want to bring your own.
  • Journal, colored pens (we will have some here if you want to use ours). We highly recommend that you bring a journal for recording your experiences, thoughts and insights. This is not mandatory, just recommended.
  • Musical instruments, art supplies…we have some things here that you can use, but if you want to bring your own, feel free.

If you want to include the hiking options, good sturdy tennis shoes with closed toes are recommended. A water bottle is a good idea for the hikes as well.

Is The Sacred Garden and Heart Path Journeys the same company?

No. The Sacred Garden is not the same business as Heart Path Journeys, however, the garden is fully accessible to you while you are on retreat. The staff in the garden are happy to assist you and guide you. The garden is run by Eve’s non-profit, the Divine Nature Alliance (DNA) and offers the garden free to the public as a peaceful sanctuary as a community service.  The garden serves as a beautiful backdrop and home base for your retreat and is on the adjacent property to the Sacred Garden Retreat accommodations.

Is Maui Healing Retreat the same company as Heart Path Journeys?

No, Janet Baldwin owns and operates Maui Healing Retreat. Eve Eschner Hogan, author, speaker, and educator, owns Heart Path Journeys. We are friends and work together as supportive companies offering similar experiences, however, here are the reasons you will want to choose Heart Path Journeys.

What is the Payment and Cancellation Policy?

On Accommodations:

A 50% deposit on accommodations is due at the time of booking, with full payment due 60 days prior to arrival. Deposits and payments on Accommodations are only refundable if we are able to rebook your dates. This policy also applies to independent retreat groups booking only accommodations. We highly recommend that you get travel insurance so that there is not a problem in the event you need to cancel. We can make recommendations on insurance if you request it.

On Retreats and Sessions:

We require a 50% deposit for retreats and sessions at the time the reservation is made.  The deposit is your guarantee that the sessions we’ve discussed together will be scheduled and reserved.  The remaining balance will be paid at the time of your arrival. Payments can be made via cc, paypal, or check. If you would like to make payments toward your deposit, that can be arranged.

Please note that:

  • The order of sessions is dependent upon availability of practitioner. Exact times and dates, along with any changes, will be presented upon arrival.
  • Sessions out on the land will not be rescheduled due to weather.
  • If you cancel with more than 72 hours notice, Heart Path Journeys will provide a refund of the monies minus a $100 cancellation fee. (A lot of time is spent customizing and arranging a personalized retreat just for you.)
  • There is no refund for cancellations with less than 72 hours notice.

If Heart Path Journeys must cancel your sessions for any reason, we will provide a full refund, but we are not responsible for any other expenses you may incur as a result of our cancellation.

In the event that you are unable to attend or finish a session for any reason during your retreat, there is no prorated refund. If Heart Path Journeys has to cancel a session, we will first attempt to find you a suitable alternative. If that is not possible, you will be reimbursed in full.

More Info On Our Disclaimer Page

Can we book the property and run our own retreat?

Yes, we are happy to assist you with this. You are welcome to run your own retreat on site.

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