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The budget is truly up to you. Every retreat is customized to meet your budget and your timeline, so it is difficult to put absolute prices on the site as everyone chooses different sessions, a different number of sessions and stays for different lengths of time.

On the average our retreats run $700 per day inclusive of accommodations. (This would be 2 sessions per day and accommodations. Food and transportation are not included.) If you let us know your budget, we will work with the itinerary to make it fit.

We have made an effort to put the pricing at the bottom of the Retreat Package Itineraries, but every retreat is customizable to your budget. In the event that a full retreat is not affordable for you, we do offer other ways for you to gain insight, new perspectives, new tools and critical life skills.

Individual Private Sessions range from $195-$300. If you estimate at $250 a session, you will be able to guesstimate the price of sessions. We offer individual sessions in person and via Skype or by telephone, as well.

In general, accommodations range from $150-225 for 1-2 people depending on when you come and how large of an accommodation you need. We also have larger accommodations (for up to 10 people) for $475-875, again depending on when you are coming.) (Taxes are not included in these fees and are additional.)

For $99 we have a Virtual Retreat–a 4-hour video series called Soul-utions for Relationships. These videos are great for home study, preparation for a retreat or follow up afterwards.

Eve also has books to assist you: The EROS EquationIntellectual Foreplay, Virtual Foreplay, How to Love Your Marriage, Way of the Winding Path and a novel, Rings of Truth ranging in price from $14-18.

She also has the Real Love blog with Spirituality and Health Magazine and the blog posts here on this site.

HPJ practitioners also offer Pre-Paid Packages for several sessions with the same practitioner. This option is great for follow up from a retreat, a jumpstart before arriving or a discounted option.

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