Heart Path Journeys

Heart Path Journeys offers both group retreats and  personalized private retreats created just for you or you and your guest or your family. How it works is up to you! We will work with you to completely customize your retreat sessions based on your interests, needs, budget, time, desires and intentions.

We balance your retreat to honor the body, mind, and spirit, gently guiding you to access the healing wisdom of your heart.

We take the hard part out of planning a retreat — whether your focus is spiritual growth, physical or emotional healing, creative expression, or improving a relationship — with yourself, a loved one, your family or with Spirit.

We serve as your concierge of personal growth and self-mastery.


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Maui Retreats

Personalized and Private Retreats for individuals, couples, families or small groups.

Heart Path Journeys offers a variety of experiential and education-based retreats.

Marriage, Relationship and Honeymoon Retreats

Spirituality and Personal Growth Retreats

Wellness, Health, Yoga Retreats

Creativity and Self-Discovery

Adventures in Awareness

We’ll create the perfect retreat for you! Whether you seek a vacation with meaning, an intensive retreat for transformation, a la carte sessions, or a group retreat, we will customize your personal growth experience with Eve Hogan and Maui’s Best Practitioners.


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With Eve Hogan

Journey with Eve Eschner Hogan and Maui’s Best Practitioners

Eve is an inspirational speaker and author specializing in creating healthy relationships—in the workplace, the home and the heart. She is the owner of Heart Path Journeys, a labyrinth facilitator, wedding officiant, columnist for Spirituality and Health Magazine and Executive Director of The Sacred Garden on Maui.

Eve’s newest book has just been released Feb. 2014!

Eve shares a rare perspective on human behavior along with simple steps one can initiate immediately to bring about change.


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